As previously stated, I’ve basically been on a quest to unite my schismed persona. It’s going pretty well. D&D is mostly weekly and I’m running One Shots monthly again. My annual marathon, formerly the Chairathon, now Scareathon will kick off on Monday. The last time I was this excited for the marathon was the first time I ran it after hitting affiliate. The most interesting development is the birth of RantCast though. It’s sort of become the beacon of this unification period. I’ve finally found a playground for all the thoughts in my head and more importantly found an audience and guests. RantCast is deserving of it’s own post so I’ll digress for now. Another benefit has been a resurgence and renewed life for my YouTube Channel. 

That really leaves this site as the last loose thread. I just gotta put in the time to it to get it tied back in with the rest of all these great things. In due time I suppose. For now I have the marathon and one final thing I’d like to do for RantCast which is to get it in a pure audio format. It’s certainly optimally experienced live but the YT VODs have been good to. Something will be lost in the audio rip but sometimes you gotta go to the gym, ya know? And I would like to accompany you there and blast my thoughts into your mind.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll catch you around my many digital haunts.