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Update! My Personal Renaissance

As previously stated, I’ve basically been on a quest to unite my schismed persona. It’s going pretty well. D&D is mostly weekly and I’m running One Shots monthly again. My annual marathon, formerly the Chairathon, now Scareathon will kick off… Continue Reading →

Personal Renaissance

First post in a long time – 3 years to be more accurate. I’ll keep it brief. I went on a digital sojourn trying to figure myself out and how my need to create content fits into a world saturated… Continue Reading →

Affiliate… Hype? Posting for a Friend :P

Any Affiliates in the room? 💜 — Twitch 💜 TwitchCon (@Twitch) October 20, 2017

I “Beat” Doki Doki Literature Club Last Night And Wrote A Poem

I streamed DDLC last night on my Twitch Channel and it was fantastic. Game’s great. I’ll write a full review later. But as I sat after the game, unwilling to play any else, I became trapped in my introspection and wrote… Continue Reading →

I will not be working or attending Anime Milwaukee 2017. It breaks my heart to say but worse it breaks a 3 year streak of running and providing commentary for LOL Tournaments. It undermines a longer streak of running panels and staffing… Continue Reading →

ACen 2016 LOL Championships Playlist

The original VODs can still be viewed over on my Twitch page but you’ll also find a convenient playlist up on my YouTube Channel for your sharing convenience. You may view the bracket to see how it all shook out… Continue Reading →

Single-Sentence Review: Overwatch

“It’s a competent arena shooter with a deep cast of characters and solid mechanics that allows you to choose your level of fun; the next evolution of TF2.”

ACEN LOL Tournament

Greetings, Summoners! It looks like I’ll be expanding my yearly quota of LOL Tournaments hosted by running one at Anime Central this year. Radical, I know. That means you’ll get the same World9Gaming and Mephisto experience at a new venue… this time in a… Continue Reading →

ACEN Tournament List

Below is a list of all the tournaments we’ll be hosting at ACEN this year. Times are still subject to change.   (Friday 5/20/2016) Game Console 10:00 AM ACEN BEGINS Hyatt O’Hare/Donald E. Stephens Convention Center 4:00 PM League of Legends… Continue Reading →

ACEN, Incoming

Looks like World9Gaming is a go for ACEN’s video game room. Which means my services have once again been tapped for running the LOL Tournament. Personally, I’ve decided to step it up and play a more active role in the… Continue Reading →

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