While it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the game it did leave the taste of bile in my mouth.  “L. A. Noire” is a terrible title.  A serial number would’ve been better.  First of all, the genre is spelled ‘Noir’. Yes, Noir and Noire are both possible spellings of ‘black’ in French, but the genre is decidedly ‘Noir’. Even if you’re going to pull some artsy deliberate misspelling, L.A. French Black is just as stupid as L.A. Genre. No, L.A. Genre is worse – There is a future I can see unfolding if we, the consumer, allow this sort of thing to persist.  It’ll be like Blade Runner with a population of uninspired game titles like Space ShooterGray and Brown: You Kill Terrorists/Nazis, and Street Racing Game.  The Sad Robots will line up in droves to buy Game of the Year 2015 or The Third Halo Clone This Month.  Gaming Industry, titles are important if you want to be taken seriously.  Stop this now.


I could say a lot more on the subject but I don’t want to distract you too much longer from my Review.