I was a fledgling teenager.  My hometown was Middle-of-fuck-nowhere-istan.  Lonely was my prevailing emotion and I lacked friends because I had long hair, a high IQ, and lacked social skills.

luna wins

Immersion in RPGs and video games were my escape.  I had read magazines (yeah, not the internet… weird) about a particular game for a literal decade.  The game, Lunar the Silver Star story.  I was your standard adventure game, RPG junky with a splash of action/beat ‘em up at the time.  Something about that game spoke to me though.

I played it and my emotions and immersion were automatically placed at ten (out of ten).  Every single thing that happened I couldn’t get enough of.  I re-watched cutscenes.  Kept multiple save files right before songs and boss fights.

A complete infatuation possessed me.  The game, the characters (Kyle and Alex/Dyne in particular) had me trapped.  But in particular Luna had a hold on me.  Everything I did was to speak to her, or see her sing.  I wanted to win at the vidya game for her.

Then that asshole Magic King (I know it’s “Magic Emperor” that’s the joke) stole her.  I think it was the first time I truly felt heartbreak.  It was over a video game as a pre-adolescent.  That’s the true power of video games.

I still think back on Lunar and the pain and consequent triumph are as real as anything else in my life.