We’re only one week away from AMKE which means I’ll be devoting an awful lot of time to running the LOL Tournament during the afternoons. Then the late evenings afterwards will be devoted to getting a level of drunk that borders on irresponsible when I have a tournament to run in the morning. Speaking of being irresponsible. The tournament has 9 out of 16 teams registered. With just one week to go until AMKE, I consider that pretty good (and about 4 teams ahead of what we had last year pre-Con). That means there will be a lot of disappointed “Free Agents” (aka PUGs) at AMKE itself. In other words, it’s irresponsible to leave it to chance. Sign up for the tournament ahead of time by either emailing me at magicalmistermephisto@gmail.com with your team name, summoner names, and roles or mention that you’re a free agent, include two preferred roles, and I’ll place you on a team. You can also check out details on my previous posts here on Winsomnia or head over to Battlefy and watch the bracket materialize.

Don’t be irresponsible like I will be around 12-2 am each night. Pre-register and make sure you secure a spot.