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December 2014

A Little Late to the Party: Wolfenstein the New Order

Among my Video Game related presents, was this gem. I’ve been playing it on Uber so progress is slow (but rewarding). I’ve seen enough to form a preliminary opinion though: game’s good. I could nitpick over a few details (and I… Continue Reading →

Post Xmas Thought

Yesterday, like many others, I opened some presents. As I did so it occurred to me: video games have topped my list for Christmas gifts for nearly thirty years. I should be sad about that but I’m not. I’m easy… Continue Reading →

A Bloodborne Dilemma

Anyone remember Nightmare Creatures? Bitchin’ game, wasn’t it? I have a personal Playstation Hall of Fame and Nightmare Creatures is in it. This Hall of Fame doesn’t mean “the best” games. It’s a list of personally influential games. About a… Continue Reading →

My Jam Tonight

I’m old and Silent Hill 2 continues to impress me. For whatever reason I ended up listening to the SH2 OST tonight and this song just… rocks my casbah.

A Little Justification for my Madden Post

I’m not a big fan of sports games. They’re the genre I play the least. Don’t get me wrong, I had a few I liked growing up. A short list: Tecmo Bowl (the original) Super High Impact Football Super Baseball 2020… Continue Reading →

Eddie Lacy plays Eddie Lacy in Madden

Post by Eddie Lacy.

PT Just got Scarier

PT was pretty freaking scary. Thanks Youtube user John Howe for making it just wrong… I thought I had nightmares before.  Well done, Sir.

As Promised: A Tale of 20 Years Ago

Time to weigh in on this #20YearsofPlay business. In 1994 I was a Nintendo kid. I had a pawnshop SNES and a duct taped controller. Like every kid with an SNES that year, I spent a lot of time playing Final Fantasy VI… Continue Reading →

Gonna Fanboi a (32)Bit

  The 20th anniversary of Playstation is upon us… I feel like I should do a full post of my early PS memories.  Final Fantasy 7 and Legacy of Kain and Resident Evil would all be nostalgiagasmed over…  but that’s… Continue Reading →

Journalist Finds Best Way to Combat Rape Threats from Gamers

We’ve all had an immature child ruin our fun in an online game before.  If you play League of Legends you know the exact person I’m talking about.  They probably call Mid-lane or maybe jungle Master Yi.  Whatever they play… Continue Reading →

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