Insomnia exploited.


August 2014

Grounded Difficulty, Ain’t fuckin’ Around

I’ve been playing a lot of The Last of Us (Remastered).  In terms of value for game, it is among the highest I’ve had.  I think, in the history of games, it’s the first I’ve bought and played back to… Continue Reading →

And one more…

I had too much fun with this. And now you can’t unsee it.

Mystery Solved

Been playing a lot of The Last of Us and I also happen to be a pretty big Green Bay Packers fan. Joel has quickly topped my list of favorite video game bad asses. A list graced by such greats… Continue Reading →

P.T. [Free PS4 Game, Spoiler Free]

Well I’m half a week slow on the uptake.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy with The Last of Us, a book, and a son. In my downtime this morning I was browsing the PS4 store and saw a free… Continue Reading →

Haiku Review: Fez

The verdict has long been cast for Fez so I won’t waste much of your time with a long winded review.  Chances are you know if you like the game already.  If you’re curious as to my opinion, here’s my… Continue Reading →

A New Bad Ass Approaches

So I’m probably about halfway through The Last of Us (Remastered) and I’ve been exclaiming it for a while, Joel is a bad ass.  I’d like to officially add him to the list of ultimate video game Bad Asses a… Continue Reading →

I’m Back!

After a long hiatus I’m ready to resume my duties as internet blogger and critic.  I apologize for the long departure but reality (in particular my Book) has taken precedent. I’m hoping to still strike a balance between blog, streaming,… Continue Reading →

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