Insomnia exploited.


March 2014

Time for a poll…

While waiting for a stupid game to download I was paging through some old reviews.  In particular Portal 2’s review.  I boldly assert in that review that the ending theme of Portal 1 is the best ending theme to anything… Continue Reading →

My Body Is Ready

Prequel.  The less cool version of Snake.  A franchise beyond its expiration date.  Cross-console cash-in.  Nothing about the “aura” of this game is right.  To ruin a sweet quote from David Carradine:  This is me at my most subjective. Metal… Continue Reading →


Well I woke up this morning to a shocking IndieGoGo page in my feed: A ShaqFu reboot. I have no words. Here’s their fancy widget.  Proof that I’m not crazy (or lying to you).  

Minecrap (See what I did there?)

I am not a fan of Minecraft.  That’s putting it lightly.  Let me rephrase: I fucking despise the piece of shit game. It’s all the worst parts of an MMO, with deliberately bad graphics passed off as nostalgia, and a… Continue Reading →

Super Cereal: A South Park Stick of Truth First Impression

It is downright offensive how well-tuned South Park: Stick of Truth is mechanically speaking.  In terms of gameplay for a turn-based RPG it is the best I’ve seen in years.  I’m stunned.  The rest of the industry should be very… Continue Reading →

Banjo Jammin’ Castlevania style

Here’s a little bit of noise to get you through your all too short break at work.

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