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November 2013

XCom Makes the List

The job that pays the bills was really stressful today.  When I got home I unwinded with some XCom: Enemy Unknown.  My time playing it was quite enjoyable.  So enjoyable I have moved it onto my list of personal favorite… Continue Reading →

If you don’t like DiveKick you have no Soul

…I have nothing more to say to you. Okay so the game’s bad and based off an inside joke among MLG Fighting game competitors (and other professional VG Fighters).  Inside jokes are dangerous in all creative mediums – but at… Continue Reading →

Twitch: DII vs. DIII

I find it quaint that DII has more views on Twitch right now (due to the Ladder Reset) than DIII right now.

Winsomnia Needs You

I’ve been compiling a list of “best games of the generation.”  I’m really curious to get your opinions on the subject.  Comment below or send an email to Look for the post in the coming weeks.

Words I Never Thought I’d Say about a Video Game

A game showed up in the featured titles on Steam the other day.  A lowkey survival horror game and pseudo MMO called Nether. My interest was slightly pique but I decided not to buy the game and soon after forgot… Continue Reading →

Graphics: Not a Selling Point

So I was going to start with a more complicated argument comparing a pair of games based on graphics and sales when I realized there was a better one. Final Fantasy 7 sold more than 300,000 units on its debut… Continue Reading →

PS4 plus Gamers

The PS4 launch has proven to be a huge success (1 million sold in less than 24 hours – the new record beating out the PS2’s three day record of 980,000 units).  It was apparent at E3 this year that… Continue Reading →

Confession Friday: Dreams and Launches

Today is a special day, not just because of the confession post or the PS4 launch.  It’s special because it’s my son’s first birthday. Copious amounts of gaming, writing, and debt didn’t stop my cute little kid from achieving this… Continue Reading →

Clueless Gamer to start your Friday

No video game review today so we’ll see what Conan O’Brien has to say on some horror favorites. Spoiler at 5 Minutes – if you haven’t played Outlast yet it can ruin one of my favorite parts of the game…. Continue Reading →

We’re Ba-aack!

In the first bit of good luck I’ve had in nearly a year my site is mysteriously working again.  I’m going to be installing some software so we can start streaming to celebrate.

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