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August 2013

Been a while since a post, rant time featuring the Nintendo 2DS

Remember 3D movies?  That gimmick they attached to film to sell you tickets for an inflated cost?  Yeah.  Do you feel your life is much improved by adding a third dimension to it?  Okay so maybe your life is.  But… Continue Reading →

Other plans

I had plans for a post tonight but I am just too tired.  I’m going to fall asleep playing Final Fantasy 7 in my bed.

First Ever Retro-Review: Earthbound

All the speedruns from a couple weeks ago really incited my desire for classic console goodness.  To that end I played and reviewed EarthBound (Mother 2 in Japan) for my SNES. Check it out: Linkage.

Bigz Spits Verbs at GTA5

While putting together a previous confession involving GTA5, I stumbled upon a man whose prose really captured the essence of what GTA5 strives for.  Below is the Philosopher-Poet Bigz Ant’s thoughts on GTA5. Truly a message to meditate on.  It… Continue Reading →

Getting Older

It’s no mystery.  I’m not in high school.  I don’t say the words “yolo” or “swag.”  I’m getting older.  I run a video game blog site and tried to start a nerd national holiday.  I would say I’m pretty in… Continue Reading →

The Walking Dead the Video Game Review (Season 1, Episodes 1-5)

Well I mentioned Telltale Games’s The Walking Dead a handful of time in previous posts.  I decided it was time to make it official with a review. Linkage for the official opinion on The Walking Dead the Video Game. Enjoy.

Winsomnia’s “Best of…” List

Before the XBone and PS4 hit, I’d like to do an official Winsomnia Reviews list of the top twenty or so “best” games of this generation.  Message me on our Facebook, or send an email with your recommendations to:… Continue Reading →

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