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October 2011

Reviewing Sequels

Reviewing sequels gets incredibly monotonous.  Sure, I could rant about how it pisses me off that companies refuse to develop new IPs (Intellectual Properties).  I could talk about how it really chaps my ass when I see the sloppy design… Continue Reading →

Dear Robots

Go to Hell. Love, Andrew

Batman: Arkham City arrives Tuesday

It’s difficult to go into Batman: Arkham City without any expectations.  I’m personally building up as much skepticism as possible for its release.  Capturing lightning in a bottle twice is a difficult task for anyone and I worry that this… Continue Reading →

Elder Scrolls, I really don’t know if I should trust you…

I have an odd relationship with Elder Scrolls.  It’s difficult to cut through the hype and distortion on any Elder Scrolls game, for good or ill. I’m still undecided on Skyrim in other words. I cling to the high ground… Continue Reading →

The RAGE Review is Up

Winsomnia’s review of RAGE is up.  This game had me conflicted.  I had fun playing it but there was a glaring problem with the game that I could not excuse, and I’m not talking about the Driver Thing. Read the… Continue Reading →

Prepare to get Mad…

RAGE releases tonight at Midnight.  I hope you’re all ready to get angry or, at least, a little upset. I’ll be having my own personal Steam launch party tonight.

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