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Delayed Reaction: AMKE

AMKE was a huge success. The stream/tournament was well received, had a great tournament, and ran smoother than last year (no pulled fire alarms or smoking PCs). A sincere thank you to everyone that participated. Props to my World9 homies… Continue Reading →

One Week Until AMKE

We’re only one week away from AMKE which means I’ll be devoting an awful lot of time to running the LOL Tournament during the afternoons. Then the late evenings afterwards will be devoted to getting a level of drunk that… Continue Reading →

AMKE League of Legends Tournament Update, the Third: The Updatening.

In the spirit of preparation, I’ve made a Battlefy page for the Anime Milwaukee 2016 League of Legends Tournament. I figure the more preparation I do now, the smoother the tournament will run when the time comes. Battlefy is the third-party… Continue Reading →

Screaming Into the Void

I’m addicted to escapism and allergic to reality. It might be an illness of this Age. My plight as just one more drop in the shifting sea of so-called Millennials is to just scream into the void, ignorant of the vacuum, hoping… Continue Reading →

Anime Milwauke 2016 Update: LOL Tournament

Good news, everyone! It’s official, I’ve gotten us prize support from Riot for the League of Legends tournament that myself and the folks at W9G will be hosting at Anime Milwaukee this year. Turns out Rito has changed the procedure… Continue Reading →

Branching Dialogues Podcast #43 “Awesome Games Done Quick 2016”

I occasionally guest appear on a local podcast here in Milwaukee called Branching Dialogues produced by the multi-talented David Geisler and the Technophiles Podcast Network. The latest episode is about my experience with AGDQ 2016. Here it is: I didn’t… Continue Reading →

Geek Reign: A New Status Quo

Originally published on May 5, 2015, I’ve since refined my thoughts on the subject.  If you haven’t been paying attention the last decade, there has been a changing of the guard. Art, the internet, and entertainment are being sculpted by… Continue Reading →

Anime Milwaukee 2016: W9G Presents League of Legends 5v5 Tournament

After the success of Anime Milwaukee 2015’s 5v5 League of Legends tournament, we’re doing it again this year. The tournament will take place in the same AMKE place (the Hyatt Regency in Milwaukee, WI) at a new AMKE time (March… Continue Reading →

The X-Files Was Right to Return

On Sunday night sixteen million viewers tuned in to the premiere of the returning science fiction television series, “The X-Files.” To put that in perspective Fox averaged 13.2 million viewers on a day that featured an NFL championship game that brought in 45.7… Continue Reading →

Five Nights at Freddy’s World Pulled from Steam

This was seriously surprising to me. A game series that I’ve long criticized as cheap, rushed, boring, and overrated finally received the scorn they so richly deserve? I am shocked. The most surprising aspect of it is actually that it… Continue Reading →

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