Winsomnia is a video game review site and blog founded by habitual gamer and aspiring author Andrew Hegge.  Andrew utilizes his insomniac powers to stay up late, play video games, and write.

The mission of Winsomnia is simple.  Preserve the integrity of video games and gamer culture by yelling loudly from atop a digital soapbox.  The villainies of the Industry are everywhere; on disc DLC, 100% internet connection DRM, games that just aren’t that fun.

A following will be cultivated.  Masses will be informed.  Coins will be collected.

To that end, Andrew has enlisted a mysterious figure known only as Niales.  This paragon of proxy servers lurks in the lines between the HTML code.  His identity is a total secret.  Not even Andrew knows the origins of his longtime friend that weaves technomancy spells to keep the site going.

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