First post in a long time – 3 years to be more accurate. I’ll keep it brief. I went on a digital sojourn trying to figure myself out and how my need to create content fits into a world saturated with it.

When I jumped into the blog game some 9 years ago I was told, “focus your brand. You can’t just write about anything and everything you like. Carve out a niche!” That person had a successful brand, why wouldn’t it work for me? I listened and tried to keep things focused on video games specifically. I don’t regret it but it was a disservice to myself. I love, genuinely LOVE, all my interests. More importantly, all the things I love are interconnected and intersect with life for me. Beyond that I see a lot of commentary about life in the things I love.

I’m trying to find a way to bring this site and the modern version of myself I’ve discovered all together. Simply, I love being a nerd and I can’t not write and rant about it and all the glorious things that entails. Stay tuned, Travelers.

(First thing I probably need to do here is change my theme. Seems Dan from AoS Shorts and I both have the same great taste in website layout)