Sorry,  I just couldn’t limit myself to one sentence about Overwatch. It really is a good game but let me deliver some real talk for a minute:

Is it a good game? Absolutely.

Does it live up to the hype? Well you know me, no Blizzard game could ever live up to the hype their cult-like community generates and I still haven’t forgiven them for failing to resurrect the Necromancer class for D3. Overwatch, however, is a worthy next step for arena shooters. To its credit, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel here. Simply assembles a chassis on top of that wheel with all the pieces other shooters (and MMOGs) have left laying around. Those pieces then form a monster truck that hits a sick ramp and does a sweet jump over the competition of crushed cars. Okay, so the metaphor breaks down but the point remains: game’s good. Call me “old” or “curmudgeonly” and unwilling to accept that this may just be the way things are done now, but I still have a hard time swallowing a 60 dollar price tag on a game that has micro-transactions and no campaign. The micro-transactions are excusable as they’re only cosmetic and therefor the best kind of clear cash grab schemes; stupid hats for stupid robots that you can either pay real money for or just play more to get. I was offended by the no campaign mostly on principle – and I will continue to be because that’s just who I am – then I played the game. Blizzard packs in as much detail to fill in the peripheral landscape of this new IP to almost make up for its absent story mode. The map designs themselves tell as much of a story as the character bios. At the end of the day, I’m having fun though and left wanting more in the good way.

Is it worth your money? Assuming you hadn’t already thrown money playfully at your computer screen during beta as you pleaded with the devs to stop tickling you and let you pre-order the game, yes, it’s worth it. Especially so, if you have friends to play with. Playing with one friend against bots last night, fucking bots, for 6 hours was an oddly rewarding experience for me that I’ve not seen many other games accomplish. You pay for the Blizzard polish and the miles of style; which Overwatch possesses in abundance. You pay for the continued release of silly webcomics and neat animated short films that keep the world developing in a manner that proves Blizzard has already done enough leg work with character backstories and setting to add a campaign but simply don’t want you to play through all that awesome shit because Blizzard is cooler than you and… sorry, I promised I wouldn’t harp on this whole, “no campaign thing.” We all make mistakes.