Perhaps by now the cat is out of the bag.  I don’t like Dragon Age Origins or Dragon Age II.  As I attempt to put Commander Fluffikins (the cat) back in the bag, I’d like to remind everyone that Dragon Age took the most uninspired villain in fantasy, the orc, the goddamn orc, and gave it horns (because the art in Dragon Age just requires horns the way J-RPG art requires belts).  They even lifted the names from the Wheel of Time series.  The Blight is simply “where the bad dudes are” in Wheel of Time and the Shadowspawn are their evil dudes… (oho… I see what you did there.)  Maybe it’s a coincidence.  It doesn’t stop orcs from being a bad villain in the fantasy series.  You can have orcs in a fantasy game.  A fantasy game should have orcs in it, in fact.  Have an awesome orc monk that rides a damn polar bear, with his fists and feet rapped in dragon lava breath punching the hell out of villains.  Let me recruit that dude.  Have an orc with a bowler smoking a pipe waxing intellectual about the slavemarket.  Hell, even fill a cemetary or townscape with orcs and have me kill them a few times.  I expect that in fantasy.  I don’t mind it even.  Just don’t paint their faces white, borrow a name from an existing fantasy series, and expect me to not notice that you just gave orcs a cool name.

If people would stop talking about Dragon Age II so much I could stop hating it so loudly.