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September 2015

Shameless Self? Promotion

I joined the cast of a Podcast earlier this year and have managed to be a regular for a month (or more) solid. Check it out and check out my buddy, David’s site for other great podcasts.

Destiny; Fallen City Freehold

Just a real quick observation: It’s such a great looking level in terms of design – I thought that the first time through a year ago. Regrettable that it’s completely pitch black and can only be appreciated during muzzle flashes…. Continue Reading →

First Impression: Destiny, The Taken King

This is the game Destiny always should’ve been. There’s an actual story with actual cutscenes and ambient dialogue. The lines aren’t completely colored in but the game strikes a good balance between feeling vast and mysterious, like space should, while… Continue Reading →

Minecraft: Story Mode is “just a cash grab.”

Before you blow the whistle or click the back button, I want you to know those words aren’t mine. Sure, I’ve been critical of Minecraft and Notch before but that’s not what I intend to do today. This is actually… Continue Reading →

Pokemon: Go …fetch me a beer.

A trailer for a new Pokemon game for mobile was released yesterday by The Pokemon Company, a subsidiary of Nintendo, on their YouTube Channel (vid above). Former Google startup, Niantic (of Ingress fame) is developing the game and it’ll be… Continue Reading →

Mariachi Music… VG Style

I recently stumbled upon a mariachi band that covers video game music. The ensemble is led by DaveYard Shift. And it’s fantastic. Each video begins with a shot of tequila, in proper fashion, and then gets into the music. The videos… Continue Reading →

Dear Video Game Industry,

Do you still need to tell me that games use an auto-save feature? Serious question. I mean, I’m an adult that’s played video games for his entire life and I noticed games doing the auto-save thing a long time ago and… Continue Reading →

Word Nerding: I hate the word “drone” and here’s why.

The following is another of those times I’m using my website to trunk something I wrote on Facebook. It has absolutely nothing to do with video games or even geek culture. It is simple word nerdery and I apologize. I’m… Continue Reading →

First Impression: Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom Pain

There’s one metric fuck-ton of game here. I measured. After an excrutiating intro level that ends with an invincible boss, a QTE, and a scripted vehicle scene – you know, a checklist of what not to do with gameplay –… Continue Reading →

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