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June 2015

Look Out, I’ve finally started posting things to my YouTube Channel

I was streaming last week to celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of Psychonauts (Unofficially). Chat asked for my opinion on the FF7 Remake and, half a box of wine in, I gave it to them. Part of it is related to… Continue Reading →

Video Games in Real Life: I’m a terrible person

Allow me to paint you a picture with words: It’s morning, bright and sunny. I’m standing at the sink in my kitchen washing dishes. It’s a kitchen of the usual sort – a stove, small table, some cabinets, and drawers…. Continue Reading →

Touche E3 2015, FF7 Remake Announced

Okay, E3 2015, I’m ready to talk again. But this isn’t my usual blog post or article, I really need to spill some emotional ink. I’ve got a couple other writings in the works but those must be delayed to talk about something… Continue Reading →

Bloodstained and Unreal Engine 4

Just a real quick followup to my previous post: Engadget wrote an article 3 hours ago regarding Unreal 4 and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. It’s a quick read and I encourage you to check it out if you’re so inclined…. Continue Reading →

Bloodstained More than 850% Funded, 34 Hours Left to Go

I don’t know if you know this about me but Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is one of my favorite games of all time. We’re talking I could assign a numerical “Top Ten” value to it. If you’ve lurked on… Continue Reading →

Hyrule Warriors for 3DS: Pic Related

I usually refrain from Zelda bashing on my site. There’s two main reasons for that: 1. Low hanging fruit. 2. I actually enjoy a majority percentage of them. For reasons I might bash Zelda games, see my general ramblings on milking… Continue Reading →

Not Looking Forward to E3

Do not misunderstand me, if a semi-well-known to obscure e-zine or website offered me a Press Pass and tickets to E3, I’d leap at the opportunity faster than a kid with ADHD abusing Speed jumps on a trampoline. There are a number of games I’m… Continue Reading →

Splatoon: First Impression

Splatoon is the best example of what Nintendo can be. I’m critical of Nintendo these days. Pretend their handhelds are in a nice little protective bubble of awesome that is untouched by my criticism. Nintendo continues to mine an archaic business… Continue Reading →

Video Games in Reality: A Jurassic Park Drinking Game

I did a small amount of work coming up with this and rather than leave it in obscurity, I decided to share it with the Internet. A few already exist, but here’s the one I came up with while watching… Continue Reading →

For Posterity: TTG & Jurassic Park

The following is for posterity. I may need to refer back to it one day. The TellTale Games Jurassic Park is bad. It’s not horrible but it is decidedly not good. Sam and Max is really where they hit their stride… Continue Reading →

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