Insomnia exploited.


March 2015

The Fall Down Game

My two year old calls Bloodborne the Fall Down Game. When he sees me load it up, he goes “izzat fall down?” Yes son, it is. He also laughs when I die. And cheers and gasps when a bag guy… Continue Reading →

Bloodbourne: A First Impression

I picked up my copy of Bloodbourne yesterday. After spending a few hours with it I have some first impressions. The setting and actual map design are great – both improvements on Dark Souls which are generic fantasy with a… Continue Reading →

4 Year Anniversary

Did you know that today is Winsomnia’s four year anniversary? I just found out myself while paying the domain bill. I’ll drink a four pack of fine ale and play Final Fantasy IV to celebrate. I hope everyone joins me.

Playstation Plus

I’m not going to advocate paying for a service to enable features that should be included in a game… so do not take this as an endorsement for Playstation Plus. However, this month’s free games are Valiant Heart and “New… Continue Reading →

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