Insomnia exploited.


February 2015

Winsomnia YouTube

After two years of panels with great reception and more than a few friends making polite suggestions, I’ve finally got a YouTube Channel up for Winsomnia. It was actually Twitch streaming that prompted me to do it but plenty of… Continue Reading →

AMKE 2015 LOL Tournament Playlist

AMKE 2015 LOL 5v5 Tournament Bracket

AMKE Update

As you can imagine there’s a lot of moving parts going into AMKE this year. I am but one cog in the greater machine. Returning panelist, and LOL Tournament… guy (one of two dedicated staff for the event, with a… Continue Reading →

Original AMKE Facebook for LOL (In case you missed it)

Post by Anime Milwaukee.

Afro Samurai the Video Game

Afro Samurai the video game was a good game by any measure. Beyond that it had a more interesting story and told it better than the source material. How many things converted from one medium to another can boast that? There… Continue Reading →

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