Insomnia exploited.


January 2015

Writer’s Plight

I have a problem. Several actually, but the one I’m talking about here is my inability to focus on more than one thing at the same time. Somewhere out there, there’s a person that can perform a “day job,” paint… Continue Reading →

AMKE Update

Anime Milwaukee 2015 is just over two weeks away. I’m both more panicked and more excited right now than I was this time last year. There’s more on my plate this time around which may be a factor. First things… Continue Reading →

Mystery Solved: A Mario Timeline

YouTube user Scropigator Films put together a timeline for Mario. It’s pretty well done and must’ve taken a lot of work. Clearly Nintendo doesn’t care about the continuity or storytelling of their flagship series. There isn’t really anything wrong with… Continue Reading →

Anime Milwaukee’s First League of Legends Tournament

I’ve avoided the subject of League of Legends on this blog quite deliberately. But shameless self-promotion comes before morality. My friends from World9Gaming (of AGDQ2015 fame) host a mean video game room. (Seriously, if you’re on a convention board, or… Continue Reading →

AGDQ 2015 Smashes 1 Million Dollar Target

The annual speedrunning marathon for charity, Awesome Games Done Quick concluded over the weekend. Including bonus runs, they hosted over 160 speedruns and raised more than 1.5 Million dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Counting merchandise and their Humble Bundle package, the marathon… Continue Reading →


My son is an agent of pure chaos. If my life were an RPG, he’d be the final Boss.

Shocking Discovery

So I’m a bit inebriated, I’ve been playing a game on its hardest difficulty, and I’ve come to a discovery. The Last of Us (remastered) is the best game of the PS4 era so far… still. And it’s a PS3… Continue Reading →

New Twitch Channel

Because… reasons, I have set up a new Twitch channel, Feel free to check it out and follow me at your leisure. It’s been a real work in progress getting this new channel up. Programming a bot, doing some art (by… Continue Reading →

Jackafur Sets New Record at AGDQ 2015

Jackafur is a fixture of the Speedrunning community. He’s run a number of games from the notorious Doom to the quirky lesser known N64 platformer, Mischief Makers. His skill, colorful personality, and emotion make him a pleasure to watch. After… Continue Reading →

What has the Internet done?!

Something awesome, that’s what. The non-profit Internet Archive added 2400 files to their Classic PC Games section yesterday. The addition brings the collection to over 6000 items. The bulk of the expansion was comprised of 1990s DOS games. Wolfenstein 3D,… Continue Reading →

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