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November 2014

Games I’ve Been too Soft on Recently

Destiny jumps immediately to mind.  Infamous: Second Son is the other one that haunts me. Destiny: Destiny is not a complete experience in every way I could mean that.  Without friends it’s not as much fun.  If you hit “the… Continue Reading →

The Critic’s Dilemma

Sometimes I write a review for a game and feel I’ve been “too nice” for how terrible I thought the game was.  It’s the horrible plight of trying to maintain an objective, but entertaining edge. But if I’m too nice… Continue Reading →

Voice Actor Duel. Hayter v. Baker

I want to see David Hayter duel Troy Baker for title of most Bad Ass video game voice actor. At the top of my list for biggest video game bad asses are Solid Snake and Joel (TLoU).  And their voice… Continue Reading →

My Jimmies Are Still Rustled Over Bayonetta 2 Reviews

I went on record recently to state that Bayonetta 2 isn’t a perfect game.  The statement could’ve been construed as premature considering I admitted to not having played the game yet.  Which is bullshit.  You don’t need to eat shit… Continue Reading →

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