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October 2014

Codename “Masamune” Goes Live Tomorrow

Okay, so using that headline makes it seem pretty impressive – and it sort of is.  PS4 software update 2.0, dubbed “Masumune” to sound sweet, will roll out tomorrow, October 28th.  An overview of many of the changes can be… Continue Reading →

Bayonetta 2 gets a 10/10 from Gamespot

That would be impressive if it weren’t fucking Gamespot that dolled out the arbitrary numerical value.  I’m not a fan of arbitrary values assigned to games.  Video games aren’t a one dimensional experience so a strict numbers system doesn’t work…. Continue Reading →

The Evil Within: A second look

The Evil Within is getting a lot of polarized reviews.  I feel I must reassert my stance. Game’s bad.  And here are some bonus reasons on why: I neglected to mention in my initial review of the game some of… Continue Reading →

Day One Review: The Evil Within

What’s the difference between homage and ripoff?  Penny Arcade said it best, “whether I like it or not.” If you’re looking for a prime example of what a horror game ripoff looks like in the year 2014, I’d point you… Continue Reading →

Hallowinning Marathon

Tonight at 10 pm CST, I’ll be playing some games as part of my Hallowinning Marathon.  The list of games include: Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines The Last of Us (Grounded) and Left Behind DLC (Grounded) Alan Wake & Alan Wake’s… Continue Reading →

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