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September 2014

Playable Demo of FF XV Confirmed for March Release

A trailer featuring some of the game play of the long awaited Final Fantasy 15 was shown at E3 last year and then the game quickly faded back into obscurity. Well at TGS this year they released another teaser trailer… Continue Reading →

Silent Hills Trailer Builds on the Terror of PT

This game… It’s looking so good.  The Silent Hill well seemed to have dried up.  Looks like Kojima is just the rock star to revive it.  The new trailer comes compliment of Tokyo Game Show thanks to Youtube user Rajman… Continue Reading →

Destiny, A Day 1 Review

Wall of Text Incoming (Skip to the Bottom for the TLDR Version): Most people made up their minds about Destiny when they heard the words “Bungie” and “New FPS.”  For the skeptics and those that withheld judgement until the game… Continue Reading →

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