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February 2014

Drunken Robot Pornography

Now that I have your attention.  I just purchased a Steam game called Drunken Robot Pornography.  FPS+Shmup with bad voice acting.  I haven’t played it yet but it’s probably bad.  But it was on sale and I was weak. Damn… Continue Reading →

Natural Selection 2

I’m not sure I mentioned it on my site but a friend pointed out Natural Selection 2 to me about a year ago.  It’s a pretty solid sci-fi shooter with some of the best community generated content I’ve seen on… Continue Reading →

Confession: My First Break-Up (not what you think)

I was a fledgling teenager.  My hometown was Middle-of-fuck-nowhere-istan.  Lonely was my prevailing emotion and I lacked friends because I had long hair, a high IQ, and lacked social skills. Immersion is RPGs and video games were my escape.  I… Continue Reading →

Missed Opportunities

I’ve had nightmares the last few nights.  Not my typical night terrors about darkness and demons or anything like that.  I just keep waking up with this anxiety over some of the things I didn’t get to mention during my… Continue Reading →

Times They are a-Changin’

This weekend was interesting for me. I ran a panel on video games.  For approximately one and a half hours I had an un-quantifiable amount of fun.  (Again thank you to everyone that helped and everyone that showed up). Then… Continue Reading →

Big Win

Well I consider tonight’s panel a success.  I really expected boos and crickets.  Actually got laughs and applause.  Thanks everyone that showed up.   Now like my Facebook page and actually discuss shit in comments.  

Side Note: Hawken is finally on Steam.

I signed up to Beta Hawken (mech warrior MMO basically if you haven’t heard of it).  I got into beta but never installed it and soon forgot about the game.  I received an email the other day informing me it… Continue Reading →

Almost Here!

AMKE is nearly here and Winsomnia has been hard at work with content for our Panels.  The presentations are nearly done – entering their final editing stages – and I couldn’t be more excited. Take care Winsomniacs.  Hope to see… Continue Reading →

More Self-Promotion

Did I mention there will be two Winsomnia hosted Panels at Anime Milwaukee?  For those of you not in the know AMKE is Milwaukee’s anime convention that takes place the weekend of February 14th.  I know they’re anime and I’m… Continue Reading →

Busy, busy

My presence has been scarce of late.  I apologize for that.  We’re pretty much in full swing preparing for Anime Milwaukee next week. I did want to take a break from all that to mention one quick thing though. Hearthstone… Continue Reading →

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