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January 2014

I’m Okay with This

Pretty rad… Post by Visión Otaku | La otra perspectiva de Tu mundo.  

A Second Nod

I am really enjoying my time with XCOM.  I mentioned it once before but it bears repeating.  It’s one of those rare games that sets out to be something interesting and executes it perfectly.  XCOM is what a game looks… Continue Reading →

Awesome Games Done Quick… for cancer

It’s that time of the year again.  The time where I disappear for one entire week to watch awesome speed runs. Linkage: Enjoy watching some great gaming done for a great cause.

Sincere Thank You

I’m clearly jaded, perhaps drunk, while writing this bit… but my cynicism isn’t meant to insult anyone.   Certainly we’re all entitled to our opinions.  That’s what makes art magical; the fact that you and I can both play the… Continue Reading →

Kinda Underwhelming

In regards to my last post… it’s kinda underwhelming to give a nod to a game from the generation prior to the one in question… but it’s the Valve thing all over. The things we commend the most as gaming… Continue Reading →

One Final Honorable Mention

So I recently completed my review of an entire age of gaming.  I talked about the best games, the most disappointing game, and the most overrated games.  I even did an honorable mention list – which, contrary to what you… Continue Reading →

Best of the Digital Gaming Age

You may notice something new hanging out in the Sleep Walking (Articles) section of the site.  As once promised long ago I’ve finished the official Winsomnia Best of the Digital Gaming Age article.  

Generations of Gaming

On Gaming Generations and Their Nomenclature: While constructing tonight’s post I found myself lengthening an already pushing-it 500 words by delving into the names and themes of past generations of video games. Rather than chop it down, I thought I’d… Continue Reading →

The Feels

Beyond: Two Souls so much the feels.  This is one of those games that will be made or broken by the ending though. To be continued…

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