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December 2013

Presents that Win

I received a game I’ve really been looking forward too for a while as a present this year.  That means new game review soon.  I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Last one… Promise

  Oh, 90s era Interplay you really knew how to make fucking games.  It wasn’t this Clayfighter piece of crap.  But I thank you for Earthworm Jim and letting me play him in a beat ’em up.  Oh and thanks… Continue Reading →

Speaking of…

  Oh man this cracks me up.  Who else had forgotten about this piece of shit video game? I wasted hundreds of hours between the original and the N64 version.

Winsomnia Wishing You Happy Holidays

Here’s Ronnie James Dio featuring Tony Iommi to bring you a Christmas… that rocks. I’m not even a big Holiday guy (at least I wasn’t until a recent event in my life made them important).  But this Dio song just… Continue Reading →

Anime Milwaukee

It gives me great pleasure to inform everyone that will be live at Anime Milwaukee. Okay that’s awkward phrasing. Myself and Juliana will be hosting two panels at Anime Milwaukee this year.  The panels “Your Video Game Sucks (18+)”… Continue Reading →

The Truth

A little too much of it the last couple days… Couple trips to the ER, bills, empty fridge and gas tank.  Maybe that’s not what this ancient meme is referring to but the sentiment holds.  Reality is the worst game… Continue Reading →

Confessions Friday… on a Saturday

There were three words I really hated to hear when I was younger.  I can recall the exact game I was playing at the time when they first invaded my ears: “Go play outside.” My mom uttered them inside our… Continue Reading →

Bad News for the Mushroom Kingdom

With all the talk of Paul Walker’s death saturating social media I was getting quite livid.  Then I saw a post that a real celebrity worth mourning had died.   The Montreal Gazette reported earlier today that Jack Westleman died… Continue Reading →

Odd Dichotomy

There’s a real challenge in balancing how much time I spend playing video games and how much time I spend writing. I’m always divided.  Life is hard.

Kenny D’s Best of…

I mentioned last month that I would like to do a “Best of Last Generation” to commemorate the advent of the WiiU/PS4/XB1 age. My friend Kenny wrote his own article on the subject and I’m happy to share it HERE…. Continue Reading →

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