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July 2013

Confessions of a Gaming Father: Dads in Games

I know in my circle of friends Barret of FF7 is somewhat a running joke.  He is 1997 Japan’s idea of African Americans.  Stereotypes saturate his dialogue and just about every aspect of the character without being full-blown racist. Wait… Continue Reading →

Winmas was a Success

Saturday July 27th, 2013 was the first ever Winmas (better name still pending).  I dragged the TV from my bedroom, one from my basement, and even rigged a pair of PCs and a laptop for maximum fun. Streams were watched,… Continue Reading →

Let the Gaming Begin

I said I’d crawl out of bed at noon and start my own personal gamathon today.  So far so good.  I’m happy to report my attractive, more athletic than nerdy, fiance is running Spyro dragon right now. I got a… Continue Reading →

MGS Speedrun

Watching the MGS Speed Run and loving it. You have 10 seconds to name a boss in video game history cooler than Psycho Mantis. Time’s up.

Summer Games Done Quick

Summer Games Done Quick has begun.  They’re starting big by running Okami.  The awesome thing about featuring Okami, apart from it being an excellent game, is that it’s never been run in a marathon before. I’ve personally taken off for… Continue Reading →

Confession of a Gaming Father: Family Time

The first time I encountered Silent Hill was the summer following its release.  I was spending the summer up at my Uncle’s house and it was one of the titles he had recently acquired from a big “Andrew’s coming up… Continue Reading →

16-Bit Saturday, A Gamer Holiday

As previously mentioned, I intend to start a gamer holiday. I make fun of games pretty hard.  Most of them deserve it.  But even CoD began as a well-intentioned, dime-a-dozen, PC WWII sim.  Between the pay-to-win micro-transactions stifling innovative game… Continue Reading →

Video Games for the Uninitiated

In my Portal 2 Review I assert that the first Portal game is the one I would use to initiate the unfamiliar to modern video games. After much deliberation that list has grown. It’s difficult to find games to recommend… Continue Reading →

It has Begun…

No, this post isn’t about Mortal Kombat. This is about one of my new favorite video game hobbies – speed running.  A fascination I’d like to thank my friend Mike for. The video game speed run marathon gauntlet has begun!… Continue Reading →

Best 99 cents ever spent

By now you’ve all learned my thoughts on “casual games.”  To annotate: I’m against them.  But there came a time where all of our college friends became obsessed with Robot Unicorn Attack.  It was all related to the Harmony fiasco… Continue Reading →

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