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June 2013

Coming up this week on Winsomnia

Actual reviews, more Creations, and another Confession will be posted this week to keep you entertained throughout Independence Day. Plus details on the Nerd Holiday Juli and I are starting and how you can be a part of it.

A Moment of Clarity

If I had a beer for every beer I spilled on my keyboard when I’m writing these late night posts, I’d have no keyboard. Seriously, I’m surprised this thing still works with the amount of stout that Kilimanjaros out the… Continue Reading →

Another Gaming Father Confession: Baby Bjorns (Incriminating Photos Embedded)

It’s Friday (before Bar Close in Insomnialand still counts as Friday) so I’m posting another Confession.  It’s a thing now. For this one we’re traveling back in time to the winter I first brought Baby Colin home and discovered a… Continue Reading →

I have a fury tonight

My post about Walking Dead caused a rage from late 2012/early 2013 to resurface.  At the beginning of the year the phrase “game changer” was tossed around like an angry college girl’s iPhone.  Every site and critic was applying the… Continue Reading →

Spoilers Inc: Telltale Games Plays Walking Dead

Below this wall of text, I’m linking you all to a solid series of streams featuring the Walking Dead game developed by Telltale Games.  It does have spoilers.  In fact, it’s basically just the developers playing the game and spoiling… Continue Reading →

VG Movies Take Two

I agree with much of what Juli said.  I especially agree that Advent Children is a successful video game movie. I think it worked so well because it just picked up where the game left off. It didn’t bother dumbing… Continue Reading →

Another Gamer Dad Moment

While at the job that pays the bills, I noticed a video of my 7 month old son that his mother posted.  Described simply: my boy is standing!  Immediately, pride overwhelmed me.  Then I went into our toys and game… Continue Reading →

Confessions of a Gaming Father

I played Pokemon Red when it came out.  It was just another game on my gigantic first generation Game Boy; that poor archaic Game Boy.  The thing was about as old as me.  By the time I inherited it from… Continue Reading →

Some Serious Changes

Some of you may have noticed by now Winsomnia is going through some serious changes.  Plenty of new buttons and doodads are being added to the site.  A tumblr and twitter account have been created for you social media junkies…. Continue Reading →

How did I miss this?

How have I gone nearly 30 years of gaming without seeing this? I’ve lost cred because this is new to me. I consider it an effective commercial. The absurdity and humor I view Zelda with is perfectly captured. Enjoy. I… Continue Reading →

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