Insomnia exploited.


May 2013

Driving and MMOs

MMO communities are an awful lot like drivers in a traffic jam.  They’re assholes. When given anonymity and an audience, everyone becomes a douche.  This is a known law of the universe best illustrated by a 2004 Penny Arcade strip: The… Continue Reading →

I’m just going to leave this right here…

Alan Wake humble bundle. Only four days left.  Alan Wake has more than earned this insomniac’s stamp of approval.  If you haven’t played it yet for one reason or another, I highly recommend you do.   You get to pick… Continue Reading →

Xbox One: An Opinion

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about the Xbox One on my website about video games. Something truly amazing happened this last week.  A high-impact icon of an industry ascended to God-like status.  It’s hard to believe… Continue Reading →

Heroes of Might and Magic VI

Watched a Steam trailer. It’s so… purple.

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