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April 2013

…and Another Thing

Bioshock Infinite’s greatest success is that it delivers a story in a way no other artistic medium can. Video games are an emerging art form.  The list of titles that fully utilize the interactive story telling aspects of games, combine it with… Continue Reading →

Still Talking About Bioshock Infinite

I’ve let my initial reaction to the ending simmer long enough.  Time to continue talking about this game. After more meditation on the ending and speaking with some friends I’ve decided it’s still a bad.  It’s not entirely Bioshock Infinite’s… Continue Reading →

Bad End

The end of a video game should never leave you in bed asking “well, why the fuck would they do that?” for an hour.  Contemplating subtle nuances in storytelling and interpreting meanings are good things.  When an overt god-robot smacks you… Continue Reading →

Infinite Update

Bioshock Infinite is an enjoyable game.  I’d hate to say it could’ve been better but the statement holds.  The PC version is laden with obvious console handicaps.  can only carry two guns, no quicksave; horrible menus to name a few…. Continue Reading →

BioShock, Oh You.

    I laughed out loud.  Editor’s Note:  I’m Irish.

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