Insomnia exploited.


March 2013

Thief Reboot

Are we prepared? One of my most beloved series is getting the reboot treatment.  When a series I didn’t care about had it happen, I enjoyed it.  How do I feel now that it’s personal? Excited.

Capcom, Doin’ it Right

  Sometimes a game remade from the past is an exploitative capitalist scheme; a cash-in on nostalgia.  Well, it always is but of this one, I approve.

I need an RPG

I miss being young and easily pleased by any RPG that came out for my SNES or PlayStation even.  Anyone know of a current gen rpg that might appease my old, jaded ass? Ni-No-Kuni is not such a game.

Midwest Gaming Classic

Who’s going to the Midwest Gaming Classic in Brookfield, WI this year? The console museum might hold a few tidbits about the tradition lost to time and all-you-can-play Pinball may be fun.


Too awake to sleep, too tired to game.

Wreck-it Ralph

I watched Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph.  I’ve heard a lot of negative criticism about it from varying sources.  Honestly, it wasn’t bad.  A movie based off of video game tropes that the common consumer would get has inherent handicaps.  It’s not… Continue Reading →

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