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February 2013

Driving Home

I’m driving back to my beloved Midwest from North Carolina.  The Apalachian Mountains were bathed in fog, Silent Hill style.  It was awesome.  If I make a video game one day it’ll be set in a similar mountainscape.  I’ll make… Continue Reading →

Surprisingly Good (Not a VG Story)

(This isn’t related to video games.  It could be considered part of that insomniac/writer cliche though). I went into my bank to deposit some money just now and grabbed a cup of complimentary coffee on my way out.  It was… Continue Reading →

Warhammer 40k

I’m not certain if it comes across in my reviews… but I’m a huge nerd.  I enjoy a plethora of gaming vices.  Video games are just a small portion of the iceberg that is Winsomnia.  They happen to be the… Continue Reading →

Catch 22

Reviewing games can be a tap.  If you get paid to review it’s easy to overcelebrate mediocrity.  If you don’t make money, it’s easy to sound negative.  That said… every game I hate deserves it.  I just feel bad that… Continue Reading →

Path of Exile: An Unexpected Review

My mother died last Friday.  I dealt with it the way I deal with many things; played video games and wrote a bunch. Most video games couldn’t hold my interest long.  I found myself starting old favorites and games I’ve… Continue Reading →

Akaneiro receives a Resounding “Eh.”

It was a less spirited Diablo clone than I hoped for.  The art is good but the gameplay never really goes anywhere.  Generic controls can be a good thing in a top-down hack-and-slash… but it never hits that sweet spot… Continue Reading →

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, an American McGee (Free-to-Play) MMO managed to get released and stay off the radar.  It could be the plight of browser based MMOs.  It’s still refreshing to see Kickstarter games get made.  The hand painted backgrounds go… Continue Reading →

DmC Reviewed

DmC… I was pleasantly surprised.  Check out the Review.

An Ancient Tradition

How many of you stayed out of trouble because of video games when you were younger? I remember drinking at a young age… but it was drinking while playing a video game at a friend’s house.  Things could’ve been much… Continue Reading →

Review Inc

I’m at that pesky job that pays the bills right now but as soon as I get home and do some editing, I’ll be posting the DMC review.

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