Insomnia exploited.


September 2012

Wake Up

Alan Wake is one of my favorite games this generation.  I recognize that the game resonates on a personal level for me but you need not share that connection to enjoy it.  Granted it doesn’t have the mass appeal of Call of Duty… Continue Reading →

Nostalgia-ing So Hard Right Now

Stephen King refers to writing (even for the struggling writer) as “the day job.”  An author before he “makes it big” has another job though – the one that pays the bills.  Well the job that pays the bills for… Continue Reading →

Hey, Afro!

It’s, by now, no mystery that I enjoy Beat ’em Ups as a genre.  From the NES Ninja Gaidens to Streets of Rage, I’ve long loved smashing the faces of differently colored street punks and robot ninjas.  It’s an art… Continue Reading →

Lost and Wolverine (they’re related)

OK, so it has taken me nearly a decade but I’m finally watching Lost.  I’m told it jumps the shark later (as decent Sci Fi has a tendency to do if it’s not cancelled in time – sigh, I miss… Continue Reading →

Edible Happiness

Video games, mountain dew, and nerds rope… an ancient gaming ritual and the embodiment of true happiness.  Pushing thirty and I still partake in this honored tradition… I’m convinced I’ll never truly grow up.

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