Insomnia exploited.


March 2012

Refund on ME3

I wish I could undo the sale Bioware made on my purchase of ME3.  A simple refund will not suffice.  I need the experience of having ever played ME3 removed from my cerebrum.  Like a computer delete this corrupt data… Continue Reading →


Download Journey on PSN now. It is difficult to describe.  Suffice it to say, Journey is all the things I know video games can (and should) be. Seriously, if you need something to get over the disappointment of ME3.  This should do… Continue Reading →

Mass Effect Finished

Between reverie and reality I found time to finish both Mass Effects.  I must say I enjoyed the entire experience but my eyes were opened to a few facts that others might overlook when wearing their nostalgia blinders. I’m not… Continue Reading →

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