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February 2012

No Review this Week

While it crossed my mind to review Syndicate or Alan Wake’s American Nightmare for this week I decided to, instead, spend it preparing for Mass Effect 3. By that I mean playing through both 1 and 2 again (plus DLC)… Continue Reading →

Skyrim Review

Another game I played over the holidays but neglected to post a review for.  Enjoy the belated Skyrim Review.

Dear Warriors

We won vs. SOPA, temporarily anyway, but the war is not over.  The NPAA and their ilk still want to destroy the first amendment on the internet front.  Keep your nose to the wind and boots on the ground. The… Continue Reading →


I won’t devote a full review to it now but I would like to provide a little insight for those contemplating purchasing The Darkness 2.  Don’t. If you’re looking for a rousing sequel to that sleeper hit of a first… Continue Reading →

On an Island

I’m sure everyone can recall a time, maybe it was back in grade school, when they were asked “if you were on an island and could only bring one <blank>, what would it be?”  First of all, that question is… Continue Reading →

New (old) review.

Sorry Insomniacs,  I know you’ve missed me.  Unfortunately other job prospects and that pesky reality thing had me put my reviews on hold for a while.  I’m back now and ready to churn out an entire slew of reviews –… Continue Reading →

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