Insomnia exploited.


November 2011

Skyrim Horses

They’re fucking Gold Chocobos. No seriously, the horse physics are so terrible it works out to your advantage.  These things can go anywhere.  From swimming across the ocean, to climbing a completely vertical rock face.

Sometimes you just need to relax

Stress has been high for me lately. Video games that I would normally play for enjoyment (some I wouldn’t play at all) become obligations.  I’m a man who loves video games no matter what so it doesn’t get to me… Continue Reading →

I’ve Sleep Talking again…

Instead of sleeping I took to my keyboard… I still wasn’t quite done talking about Modern Warfare 3. In Sleep Talking you’ll find a more full length rant on MW3 – and specifically the reviews it’s receiving. Linkage! Before I… Continue Reading →

Modern Warfare 3

5 Hour campaign… 60 dollars retail… I’m just rolling my eyes at this point.

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