Insomnia exploited.


September 2011

Syndicate Remake Announce Trailer

EA released their trailer for the Syndicate remake.  I suppose I could feign excitement; I won’t.  It looks interesting but I’ve been fooled by teaser trailers before.  I must admit, however, Starbreeze Studios being listed as the developer is more… Continue Reading →

The Magic Button

Well I finally got a Facebook “Like” button added to the site.  Maybe it’ll help up our traffic and show the world just how totally awesome the reviews on this site are. This magic button appears at the bottom of… Continue Reading →

Late night

If you can’t sleep tonight, I hope you’re playing something good.

October Releases of Note

October 4th, 2011: Dark Souls RAGE   October 18th, 2011: Batman: Arkham City Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One   October 31st, 2011: Silent Hill: Downpour (This one may yet be pushed back, but a Halloween release would be wicked)

Excitement and New Games

I was going through prospective game releases for this winter and next year after posting my review.  Scouting titles for review, that sort of thing.  I can’t help but feel excited for several of them.  It’s a bit unlike myself…. Continue Reading →

New Review. Dues Ex: Human Revolution.

As promised, the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review is up. Enjoy.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It’s good.

Have you found the FPS landscape to be a shiftless desert of insipid mush?  A land where every piece of rubble or pallet of crates is conveniently chest high; where generic sand terrorists or future Nazis seem to be the… Continue Reading →

Video Game Genres

Anyone notice how convoluted video game genres are becoming?

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