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April 2011

New Review Day

Reviews will be released on Thursday instead of Monday.  This has been the desired days for reviews for a while now.  It puts the reviews closer to the new release date of games and gives me enough time to play… Continue Reading →

It’s here!

The Portal 2 review is up finally!  In a secret attempt to get my reviews out closer to their release date I held onto this one for a few days past my usual Monday release.  I hope it was worth… Continue Reading →

Portal 2 Review

The new review will be up either tonight or tomorrow.  It’s being written at the moment.  You may or may not be surprised by what I have to say.

The Dante’s Inferno Review is up!

I apologize for the one day delay and thank you for your patience.  Check out the new review for Dante’s Inferno.

Sleep Talking – On Critic Scores

Sleep Talking has a new rant up.  This one is on critic scores.  Check it out.

The new review is up!

As promised the review on Dead Space 2 is up!  Enjoy!  For next week’s review we’ll be traveling back in time to the magical year of 2010 to review Dante’s Inferno.

Dead Space 2 and stuff

Dead Space 2 clocked my playthrough at about 10 hours.  I got a lot of notes I’m refining into a review for you guys.  Expect the review by what’s turning out to be the usual day of the week, Monday…. Continue Reading →

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