Anime Milwaukee 2015 is just over two weeks away. I’m both more panicked and more excited right now than I was this time last year. There’s more on my plate this time around which may be a factor.

First things first:

It’s happening. AMKE’s first ever League of Legends Tournament. We’ve got shout casters lined up and everything. I even received confirmation from Riot for prize support. Registration is open and we’ve already received a few submissions. If you’re interested send an email to with the subject “League of Legends Tournament Registration.” Include your team name, all summoner names and their roles, and a contact email address. Each summoner is only allowed one entry – you may not register with multiple teams. There will be a sign-up sheet in the VG room on site, but in person registration closes at 4 PM Friday and we’re limiting the tournament to 32 teams. Your best bet at reserving a spot is to send out that pesky email.

Prizes will be as follows:

1st place: 3200 RP & Triumphant Ryze skin for every player
2nd place: 2400 RP per player
3rd place: 1600 RP per player
4th place: 800 RP per player

I’m also working on getting some Anime Milwaukee T-Shirts as prizes but I won’t know that until the 7th of February.

It’s a 5v5 tournament standard draft tournament. For full details check out the Anime Milwaukee Programming Page.

Even though I’m on a personal sabbatical from League of Legends (and I never post LOL related stuff on this site), I’ve put a lot of work into the tournament and really look forward to running it.

Now the important stuff:

I’m hosting two panels for AMKE. “Your Video Game Still Sucks,” is the next installment of a panel I did last year. It was honestly the most fun I’ve had at a convention so I pretty much intend to make it a tradition. The turn out was great. Everyone was pretty entertained. I hope to top the turnout from last year. I’ve got some new games to roast, as well as some returning favorites. It is an 18+ panel due to language and lewd humor. It’s scheduled tentatively for 9 PM Friday the 13th. Apparently it “goes till question mark.” That is, I’m allowed to go as late as I want but I’d anticipate an hour and a half.

Earlier in the day Friday, I’ll be running an E for Everyone panel: “The Evolution of RPGs.” This one will be a laid back discussion based panel starting at 4 PM. It’s an opportunity for nerds to gush about video games. For my part I’ll present a casual progression of RPGs as they transitioned from console to console and throw in some trivia for good measure. Everyone is more than welcome to come.

Oh right and then there’s anime stuff going on all weekend long at a convention aptly named “Anime Milwaukee.” Did I mention they’ll have Steve Blum? They’ll have Steve Blum. I’m pretty psyched about that one myself. I can’t wait to see everyone at this year’s AMKE.